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[NEO supercapacitor on Magazine] ElectroniqueS Newspaper March 2019
Writer : VINA Tech Date : 2019-04-17 [17:14] Hit : 318
Attached is the article is about NEO HY-CAP, SUPERCAPACITOR, issued on ElectroniqueS Newspaper March 2019.

Please review the brief summary, quoted from the French magazine.


With regard to the supercapacitor manufacturer, VINATech showed an interesting enhanced performance of NEO ultracapacitor. So the South Korean company Vinatech, have introduced last year a Neo series of Hy-Cap supercapacitors (electrochemical double layer capacitor or EDLC) and Hybrid Lithium-Ion Capacitor (3.8V lithium-ion) a density of energy up to four times greater than traditional supercapacitors of 3.0V.  
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