VINA Culture

We always set our goal higher than our ability.

The Vina Family is always trying to transcend our limit to achieve even bigger goals. For this, we also challenge ourselves to participate in the marathon race or to ascend mountains, but also we perform our business according to well-organized plans.

“We will always dream what is deemed impossible. 
We should not fear failures for they are mere steps toward the accomplishment of our objectives.
We should challenge what poses as barriers. 

We equally value failure and success, but we completely reject stagnation.
Once we reach our destination, we will set an even higher target. Nothing is impossible for those with unyielding passion.
“We will choose failure with plans over success by chances.
 All of our tasks should be carefully planned based on our vision and strategy.
 We also value the determined action of "eating a live frog" as popularized by Mark Twain without procrastination.