VINA Culture

Through the happiness of our members, we provide eco-friendly products and
contribute to the building of a harmonious society.

Member Satisfaction
Our members are: employees(internal customers), customers(external customers), and stockholders.
The happiness of our employees comes from fair and ethical treatment. This will always come above
all else, even when we emphasize the needs of customers and stockholders.
The most important customers of VINA Tech are the employees. They hold the biggest responsibility
for ensuring the satisfaction of external customers and stockholders.
Eco-friendly Products
Our products should contribute to the sustainability and improvement of the environment.
This principle should always be kept throughout the production process.
If there is any factor that might damage or destroy our environment, this must be corrected.
When damage is inevitable, there should be a form of compensation.
We believe this is the most certain way to ensure the company’s continued growth.
Harmonious Community
The international community should go beyond borders and cultures.
Our company will set a firm root in Korea before we set out to establish overseas factories in China and Vietnam.
Our distribution network will connect the major industries of the world to which the factories in Korea, China, and
Vietnam will supply products.
We will a gradually expand our overseas production bases to create continued employment opportunities and supply eco-friendly products.

VINA Vision 2020