VINA Culture

We are totally committed to everyone’s happy life in our community!

Vina family supports our community by volunteering and contributing 1% of our salary. Every employee is encouraged to read books for personal development and knowledge sharing.

Corporate Social Responsibility
“We pursue continued growth to provide more employment opportunities, The root of our growth is eco-friendly
products. Through honest tax payments and our welfare fund, we contribute to society and the company.
We spend 24 hours a year in volunteer works.

Finally, we will establish a welfare foundation with the founders’ sale of stocks, company profits, and the donations
from our employees. We will be both donors and recipients of our welfare foundation, and we will create a better world.”
“We highly value the happiness of our members, and we believe that we can only contribute to our neighbors, regional
community, and country through people-oriented growth.

For this, we highly insist on education, reading, exercise, and medical checkups, and
we make sure that each employee is given equal opportunities to grow and excel.

The contribution to the success of our business must be duly rewarded. Unseen efforts must not be neglected as well.
Together, we will overcome hardship.

There is only business restructuring; there is no human resource restructuring.”