VINA Culture

We are all equally important!

Vina family helps its members to seek their happiness, respecting them as a valued individual. For this, we support our members with their education and regularly share our business performance with them.

“The growth of business and the development of its employees are inseparable.
The company should provide opportunities to acquire knowledge, a higher diploma, and job training.
The employees also should set higher goals and strive to achieve them.

The advancement of our customers is a necessary condition for our success.
Seeking undue profit will undermine our operations; at the same time, unfair practices will make us go out of business.
We believe that our destiny lies in the hands of our customers, and that we grow with our customers by providing the best products.
Respect and Trust
“All of the members of this company are equal, regardless of their status or rank.
The leaders should set an example and help their subordinates grow.
The subordinates should aid the leader to make the right choices.

Everyone should greet each other with respect and be polite.
All of our divisions research, manufacturing, marketing, and support divisions are equally important.

Therefore, each division should respect one another. All of our accomplishments should
be open to the public routinely with sufficient explanation.
Compensation and alternatives will be decided based on profit and loss.
Each division will have joint responsibilities and obligations.”